PTM Management: Recipes migration Service -

PTM provides the data migration service in the PTM Management managing software. With the transition to the advanced management software it is possible to import the previously used recipes from the following PTM software: Super Data Mix (from version 5.06.12) and Data Mix Card (from version 3.30.21 and 3.50.21). PLEASE SEE THE SCHEDULE.

Operational enhancement of farm work (NU.VO.L.A.) -

With NU.VO.L.A. PTM SRL introduces in the zootechnical world a tool able to manage in real-time and automated mode the distribution of the food ration (and all the activities connected to it). The translation of the objective into relevant and effective results was possible thanks to the study, electronic and IT design and to the development of an innovative smart and flexible weighing system, which connects to any existing Wi-Fi system in farms. OPEN PROJECT NU.VO.L.A.


From April 30th until May 4th 2018, PTM will be at Agrishow exhibition, in Brazil.

This is the 25th Edition of a great event that confirms itself as one of the three biggest exhibitions in the world of agricultural equipments and technologies . Last edition's numbers: 160.000 visitors, 800 expositors coming from 70 countries. PTM will show its products inside the Italian Pavilion organized by ICE: D2C STAND. WATCH THE GALLERY.

Precision Livestock Unifeed System (PLUS) -

Beneficiaries: Sgariboldi s.r.l., PTM s.r.l., Universitą degli Studi di Milano (Departments VESPA and DISAA)

Project description and aims: The project aims to develop an innovative self-propelled mixer wagon for assisted weighing,  mixing and distributing of total mixed ration (TMR) for dairy cows. “Assisted" represents the key word of the project and refers to the realization of a "mixer wagon system" with integrated different sensory subsystems. This could be helpful to assist the operator in the main phases of TMR preparation and distribution, providing the farmer with a tool to asses the technical-economic efficiency of the feeding process.

Expected results:

• Real-time and remote control of TMR loading, mixing and distribution;
• Reduction of deviations between distributed and theoretical TMR;
• Increased production performance, health status and welfare of dairy cows;
• Better labour productivity and lower energy consumption.

From 12th to 18th November 2017 PTM took part at Agritechnica 2017 in Hannover. Agritechnica is one of the biggest events concerning agricultural equipment and technology worldwide, with 2800 exhibitors from 52 countries. As always, it was a great success with the public: 458,000 visitors. WATCH THE GALLERY


The International Exhibition of Agriculture and SIMA - SIMAGENA will present in 2015 Progress in genetics and animal agriculture, the best products of our soil and the latest technological innovations in agricultural equipment for sustainable agriculture and efficient.
From 21 February to 1 March 2015, Paris is the world capital of agriculture and livestock. The two largest industry exhibitions are held at the same time and play to the synergy of the visitors service: shuttle between the two parks of exhibitions, special receptions in each of two free shows.


From May 1th until 5th 2017, PTM will be at Agrishow exhibition, in Brazil.

Agrishow is one of the three biggest exhibitions in the world of agricultural equipments and technologies . Last year there were about 160.000 visitors. PTM has shown its products inside the Italian Pavilion organized by ICE. WATCH THE GALLERY


PTM has taken part to the FTMTA Show in Ireland. The partecipation of PTM, organized in collaboration with its importer McHugh, has let the fair visitors to see products like the Advance Serie, the Evolution Serie (complete with the new version Tablet), the Palm Vision, the Remote control Telerf, and some display repeaters complete with some weighing controls, the AV65 and AV80.


PTM has been invited to the prestigious European meeting “ReUseWaste” (, proving that the company continues successfully investing in Research & development.

The meeting, part of an important university project organized by the Copenhagen University, has involved different nations over Denmark and Italy: universities and companies from Netherlands, Spain and Portugal have joined the convention. PTM has been the only electronic company invited, in order to present the evolution of the NPK2, device for the measuring of nourishing contents.

This device can state in real time the percentages of total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, so that the slurry can be distributed basing on the measured composition, so decreasing the environmental risks and avoiding chemical fertilizer.


EUROTIER 2014: PTM HAS PRESENTED NEW INTERESTING PRODUCTS - Which are the products a visitor has seen into the stand PTM during Eurotier 2014? At the moment, it would be enough talking about two new items which are going to be better analyzed in a few days: the electronic weighing indicators "Advance", a line featuring 9 variants (specific for unifeed, tanks, milk tanks, biogas), and the new software PTM Management, by means of which it will be possible to manage the animal feeding in a complete way, anywhere you are, exploiting the Cloud platform potential at best. STAND PTM: 25C13  
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