Sensor Controller 4HL-6HL-8HL

4-screen system for multiple and simultaneous testing of loading cells’ weight values

The SENSOR CONTROLLER is a system developed to manage and control loading cells’ operations, and in particular to verify the correct functioning of a weighing system. It is composed by 4 weight indicators, linked together in order to check more cells simultaneously and quickly.

The system can show the measured mV/V, the load percentage, or the weight currently on 4 separated loading cells. In this way, it turns out to be the best method to verify the loading cells balance either on static or moving systems.

Each indicator is provided with a LED display with 6 digits formed by 16 segments, high brightness and visibility; shear terminals; 5-poles golden-contact connector with anti-oxidation properties, to link the loading cells and the display; protection against power supply inversions and current over-flowing by auto-recovering fuses. One power supply input goes for all the 4 weighing indicators.
The internal software stores a reference scheme for the PTM cells, in order to make the parameters’ control and check easier.
There is the possibility to insert manually the load cells’ standard values.
The SENSOR CONTROLLER is provided with Language choice and warranty control.

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  • Simultaneous and quick check of systems formed by more than one load cells
  • Values measured from each single load cell screened on the dedicated Display
  • Supplied with holder and handle for transportation
  • One power supply for all the 4 sensors
  • Measured weight, load percentage and mV/V displaying
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