Load cell tester

System for sensor test and weighing Indicators

This system was developed for the control management on loading cells and weighing indicators.
It is a mobile system, provided with rechargeable lithium batteries, so particularly suitable for the live tests on the weighing systems.

The results displayed by the Sensor Test give the necessary information in order to establish the kind of malfunctioning affecting the loading cells or the weighing indicator, making possible the situation diagnostic in a few seconds.

The link between the instrument and the systems to be inspected is made by the Sensor Test Box. Inside the Sensor Test, all the necessary information about all kinds of PTM loading cells is stored.
It is also possible to manage a customized scheme in which storing other loading cells models with their default data, so that reference values for the setting can be always at your disposal.

The Sensor Test is protected from power supply interferences and current overflowing, by autorecovering fuses and is provided with Language choice.

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  • Gives the necessary information to check malfunctioning of the loading cells or of the weighing indicator
  • Identifies the kind of malfunctioning
  • It can be used directly «on the field», without moving the system to be checked
  • Also useful to ameliorate the Weighing indicator or Loading cells setting and efficiency
  • It is possible to make the following tests:
    • CABLE ISOLATION – Check of the isolation level between connectors, frame and display.
    • LOAD CELL RESISTANCE – It measures the loading cell internal resistance, between the power supply cables (VS+ and VS-) and the exit cables (Signal+ and Signal-).
    • LOAD % – It shows the Load Value percentage, applied at the measurement moment.
    • mV/V SENSOR – It shows the exit signal from the loading cell, expressed in mV/V, and its stability.
    • WEIGHT SIGNAL – It generates a mV/V signal to be applied to the Weighing indicator, simulating the load cell signal.
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