5.0 TMO

Load cell featuring a 5.000 kg load capacity

The Unifeed series weighing sensors are very tough and are implemented for application to Mixer Feeder Wagons. These weighing load sensor cells are principally suitable for operations in humid environments. In fact, it is thanks to their special protection that they are non-sensitive to a range of specific factors. This product line aptly showcases PTM’s thirty year long experience in the mobile application load cell construction sectors.

Parallel electrical connection of multiple load cells

Execute the parallel connection of multiple load cells by connecting the same coloured wires up together. For systems implementing multiple parallel-connected load cells, the nominal load is given by the total sum of the single load cell capacities. System sensitivity though, is given by the average value of each single cell sensitivity values. It is important to ensure that load is distributed equally to the single cells. No single cell must be stressed beyond its maximum rating under any load condition.

Cable length and connector options

The sensor cells can be ordered with special cable lengths, customised to customer requirements. The cable lengths specified on the catalogue constitute the standard product cable lengths.
Upon customer request, the sensor cells can also be fitted with a connector.

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