Industrial weighing computers

The weighing indicators AS110- 122 have been developed to carry out weighing operations in industrial environment. They are built in a small plastic casing, and are supplied with auto-reset fuses as a protection against power supply inversions and overcharge. As a result they are suitable to be built in electrical boards. The series AS110-122 is supplied with double display: one backlit LCD display to visualize menus and weights, and one high-luminescence high-visibility LED display with 6 digits used to visualize weights only. These electronical devices allow to control 4 relays with programmable activation threshold. Versions AS111 and AS122 have one and two 4-20mA (or 0-20mA) current outputs, galvanized and separated.

The weighing indicators of the series AS110 – 122 are also supplied with multi-language system, warranty control and storage of date and time of possible overloads.

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