Bio Mix

Software for managing Biogas Plants through the use of the “Bio” Weighing Indicators

The software Biomix is based on the experience gained by PTM in the biogas field for the management of production.
Thanks to this software it is possible to get without any waste of time a clear and reliable picture of the recipe components loaded in the fermentation machine or the biogas production.
The information obtained regarding the production of gas and Kw can also be usefully taken into consideration when calculating each single recipe.

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The software Biomix, used with the weighing indicators ADVANCE BIO USB, ADVANCE BIO USB TWIN and BioMemory offers the following possibilities:

  • Possibility to operate and select three different loading modes: Manual Loading , Recipes Loading or Manual Loading + Recipes Loading
  • Possibility to manage from 20 to 80 recipes
  • Up to 20 programmable components per recipe
  • Possibility to manage up to 20 components in manual mode
  • Multilanguage
  • Possibility to modify the quantity to load for each recipe according to a percentage
  • Graphic representation of the percentage of each component to be distributed
  • Possibility to name one or more components as slurry
  • Possibility of manual input of a quantity of slurry
  • Data transfer to PC through USB key
  • Management of the backup of work information through USB key
  • Possibility to manage more plants at the same time
  • Possibility to set out a list of components and enter the cost pro Kg
  • Stock management and easy representation of the available quantities
  • Alarm function programmable according to a stock minimum threshold
  • Data transfer directly to Excel
  • Possibility to send the data per e-mail
  • Possibility to make a backup of the database
  • Possibility to manage the costs of each single component
  • Possibility to input the gas sale price pro m3
  • Possibility to input the sale price of one Kw gained through gas combustion
  • Possibility to enter the quantitiy of produced gas and its sale price pro m3 for the automatic calculation of proceeds and costs/proceeds relationship.
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