PD 10

The weighing indicators PD10, PD10/10 and PD20 have been developed to carry out weighing operations in industrial environment.
They are ready to be built on Omega/DIN tracks, in front or back panels, and in watertight boxes.

It is possible to connect 1 or 2 groups of sensors, and read the detected weight on the alphanumeric LCD display.

The versions PD10 and PD20 turn the weight value into a 4-20 mA output (or 0-20 mA), while the version PD10/10 turns it into a 0-10 V signal, so that the devices can be connected
to a PLC in order to control complex productive processes. It is possible to carry out partial loads on each scale and visualize the weight. The weighing computer is also supplied with serial connection RS232 for the connection to external devices, such as remote displays AV20/5 or AV50. In the scale PD20 it is possible to select the two weight values by means of the keyboard. In addition to that, all the weighing computers of this series can be set to zero by means of a signal coming from an external input. They are protected against power supply inversions and overcharge by means of auto reset fuses.

All the weighing indicators are supplied with multilanguage system, warranty control and storage of date and time of possible over loads.

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