The weighing computer AS410 has been designed for weighing on bands and to check the objects size.

According to the preselected, some outputs are activated and they identify if the weight value is right or LOW / TOO HIGH.

The data relevant to the weighing cycles are stored to make the following checks. This weighing indicator can also work in 2 ways:

  • Dynamic weighing
  • Static weighing

It is possible buy an optional module that stores the weighing cycles values in order to transfer them to USB pendrive (.csv in format) for a following revision on PC.

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  • Power supply: through 230V power grid or through 24Vd.c. connection
  • Dynamic weighing of object with different size
  • Static weighing of object with a different size
  • Programmable selection parameters
  • Weighing cycle times freely adjustable
  • Format programming with weight value LOW and TOO HIGH
  • Possibility to program and select 50 different sizes
  • Possibility of automatic zeroing of the weighing indicator at the beginning of the start cycle
  • Calculation of numbers of OK weighings (Correct weighings)
  • Calculation of numbers of LOW weighings (Weighings under the selected value)
  • Calculation of numbers of TOO HIGH weighings (Weighings over the selected value)
  • Calculation of the average value of OK weighings (correct weighings)
  • Reset of the weighings cycle counter
  • Storage of 10 cycles in the weighings archive
  • Storage of up to 5000 weighing cycles through USB (Optional)
  • Storage of weighing cycles through USB Pendrive (Optional)
  • Available divisions 1-2-5-10
  • Calibration through load cells values plate
  • Calibration through load cells chart
  • Calibration by means of sample weight
  • Warranty internal control
  • Overloads control system
  • Multilingual
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