Precision Livestock Unifeed System (PLUS)

Project description and objective: the AIMS project to develop an innovative self-propelled cutter-mixer wagon for assisted preparation and distribution of the TMR ration (TMR) to dairy cows. The term « assisted » is the key word of the project and refers to the realization of a “carriage system” that integrates different subsystems sensoristici di controllo in grado, that can both assist the operator in the phases of preparation and distribution of the ration and, to provide the farmer a tool to evaluate the technical and econoical efficency of the process.

Expected results:

  • Real-time and remote monitoring of : loading, mixing and distribution of the unifeed ration;
  • Reduction of the deviations between the theorical and distributed ration;
  • Increase in production performance, health and welfare of dairy cows;
  • Increase in labor productivity and lower energy consumption.
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