The PD10 SERIES, PD20 SERIES and PDCOM SERIES control units were created specifically for industrial weighing.
They are equipped with protocols and analog outputs for connection with PLC. Furthermore, they can be equipped with repeater displays and other accessories.

The PD10 SERIES and PD20 SERIES control units convert the weight value to 4-20 mA (or 0-20 mA) output.
In the PD20 SERIES, the two weight values are keyboard selectable. The PDCOM SERIES control unit converts the weight value to Can-Bus output. Can be used for mounting on Omega/DIN bar at front panel or back panel or in watertight box. Possibility of connecting 1 or 2 sets of sensors and displaying the weight detected on the alphanumeric LCD display. it is possible to perform partial loads on each weighing machine by recognizing the weight visually.

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