Big Display RF

Weight repeater with big digits, perfect visibility under any environmental light condition

This display has been developed for the visualization of the weight measured by the weighing indicators, from long distances (up to 100 meters).

The BIG DISPLAY is available with both numeric and alphanumeric characters; it is provided with a stainless steel casing resistant to extreme conditions, and with a optic filter to read the values clearly on the display, also under strong light.
The display uses 6-digits LED with high brightness and visibility, with automatic brightness adjustment according to the environmental light.

This display can communicate with all PTM weighing indicators, works with 220V electric power supply, and allows to use a junction cable to the weighing indicator, which can be up to 100 meter long.

Upon request, it is possible to offer wireless or CAN-BUS communication, as well as different communication protocols, in order to interface the display also with other devices.

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  • Display visibility: up to 100 meters
  • Display also visible in open spaces with high brightness
  • Automatic brightness adjustment according to environmental light
  • Stainless steel casing, resistant to extreme conditions
  • Compatibility with all models of PTM weighing indicators
  • CAN-BUS or wireless communication possible
  • Possibility to interface with non-PTM devices (under previous request of the communication protocol)
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