WD2.1 Fix Three points scale

The WD2.1 three point scale has been developed to allow the weighing of three points machinery with front and back hydraulics tractors and it has been used hundreds of times for years.


Tools as manure spreaders, frontal tanks, cases for transport, shearing machines, mixer wagons, etc. can be linked and weighed in a short time and without other tools. Transform your three points tool in a scale.
The possibility to weigh on the three points hydraulic system allows to optimize existing tools and working operations and to use knowingly expensive operational instruments and fertilizers.
The construction has been optimized by considering the littlest displacement possible of the tool barycentre and an high space for the universal joint shaft.

CAT. 2

On the basis of our experience, we have adapted our WD2.1 three points scale to the CAT. 2 Rules.
Please check if your toll can install our three points scale.

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  • Exact weighing
  • Optimal loading quantity
  • Compact structure
  • Easy control
  • Flexibility
  • Economic
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