Advance 420 — 420 Twin

  • Weighing computer to be used in Bio Gas and industrial plants that converts the displayed weight in 4-20 mA output.
  • You can connect an optional module that allows the weight output via PROFIBUS.
  • Through an additional Multilink module is possible to manage all available input and output functions.
  • Through the Multilink system you can view the values of the weight from remote by connecting display repeaters via cable or RF.
  • Possibility to perform from 1 to 3 automated unloads through inputs and outputs by means of the DRIVE 7.6 board..
  • The TWIN version has two separate inputs which detect the weight of two groups of sensors, the two detected weights are then summed into a single total weight. In this case the two weights will be converted into two separate 4-20mA outputs and / or PROFIBUS
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