Radiofrequency weight repeater, with function activation

This portable device has been developed and designed for the radiofrequency control of the weighing system and the activation of the functions of all Unifeed weighing indicators from the series ADVANCE and EVOLUTION. The device has a plastic casing with integrated antenna, double display, of which one is a LCD backlit display, while the other is a 6-digit LED display with high brightness and visibility.

By connecting the receiver to the weighing indicators, AV65 allows to control operations from a distance. In this way, the operator must not leave his workplace and can move freely during the use.
The device can manage up to 24 outputs; it has 9 functional keys, which allow to activate specific operations directly (for example: belt rotation, Foot UP/DOWN, etc.). Each functional key can be associated to 4 outputs at the same time, and, for better clarity about the operations in progress, the active controls are displayed on the alphanumeric LCD display.
The device can be used for different applications; thanks to the integrated software, it is possible to adapt the system to your needs and easily configure it by setting the wished parameters on the remote control.

The operator’s safety is granted by the settable waiting time, by the block of potentially dangerous opposite functions, and by the higher visual control of the operator, thanks to led lights signalling that the function is on.
The remote control is wireless and allows to control up to 4 different machines at the same time; its working range covers up to 50 meters. The device is provided with multi-language system and warranty control.

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