Electronic System for the concentration measurement of the nourishing contents of slurry

This scale is used to measure the concentration of nourishing contents of slurry. This measurement is done by means of one probe that, in contact with the slurry to be measured, allows to calculate the concentration of total nitrogen (TKN), Ammonium Nitrogen (N-NH4), Phosphorus (P2O5) and Potassium (K2O).

For each kind of slurry shall be known 4 correlation curves, this means 4 graphics which describe the connection between slurry electrical conductivity and the 4 nourishing contents concentration.
The scale measures through the probe the electrical conductivity of slurry and by means of the correlation curves it obtains the nourishing contents concentration. Two versions available: the portable one (with batteries) and the stationary one. For this scale there are 3 different types of probes available: manual, for slurry tanks and with little probes for laboratory containers.

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  • Nourishing contents concentration in kg/m3
  • Acquisitions print
  • Configuration and reading through FertiData program
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