Advance Bio USB – Bio USB Twin

  • Weighing computer to be used in Bio Gas and industrial plants that converts the displayed weight in 4-20 mA output.
  • You can connect an optional module that allows the weight output via PROFIBUS.
  • Through an additional Multilink module is possible to manage all available input and output functions.
  • Through the Multilink system you can view the values of the weight from remote by connecting display repeaters via cable or RF.
  • Possibility to perform from 1 to 3 automated unloads through inputs and outputs by means of the DRIVE 7.6 board.
  • The TWIN version has two separate inputs which detect the weight of two groups of sensors, the two detected weights are then summed into a single total weight. In this case the two weights will be converted into two separate 4-20mA outputs and / or PROFIBUS
  • Possibility to store up to 40 component names.
  • Recipes load mode → possibility to store up to 80 recipes each of them composed of 20 components. It is possible to perform the programmed loads of the various recipes seeing also on the weighing indicator display the already loaded daily quantity.
  • Manual load mode → possibility of programming a list of maximum 20 components and then load them choosing from the list. The load is free from any weight constraint so it is possible to load a desired amount of the component; It will be also possible to check on the indicator display the already loaded daily quantity.
  • Possibility to interface the weighing indicator via PenDrive with Biomix management software.
  • Possibility to carry out digital prints in CSV format of component consumptions, daily consumptions and loading operations.
  • Possibility to check the daily loaded quantity of components for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Possibility of managing a warehouse, checking the consumed and available amount of each component.
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