The GSA and GPA series include compact and efficient control and managing scales, suitable for mixing, milling and automatic/manual dosing systems.
This kind of electronics allows to program and manage up to 99 formulas, with a maximum of 50 components.

It is also possible to control transport belts, mills, pumps, mixers, vibrators, etc., as well as the automatic emptying of the container at the end of the loading operation.

Thanks to a wide “panoramic” graphic display, a user-friendly keyboard and an intuitive exploration menu, programming and executing complex recipes becomes simple and immediate.

The management of formulas and the activation of engines can be started and programmed either in automatic or in manual modality. The system can be easily implemented and can be equipped with a maximum of 124 potentially free contacts for engines, valves, etc.

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  • Memorization of 99 formulas and up to 50 components for each formula
  • Time programming to carry out a sequence of recipes
  • Management of consumptions per single formula or component
  • Management of the components’ store
  • Data export on USB (optional)
  • Manual or automatic flying product, settable for each component
  • Modifiable cycle times and possibility to repeat each formula cyclically
  • Slow or fast dosing
  • Silo management also in connection with other silos, management of mill, cochlea, vibrators, mixers, etc.
  • Check of the actual loaded quantities
  • Possibility of manual loading per single component, by weight or time
  • Management of additive loading
  • Single component loading mode (optional)
  • Manual or automatic emptying and zeroing
  • Starting, zeroing and pause of the loading operation settable from the scale or from other input
  • Possibility to give a name to formulas and components
  • Output mapping freely programmable
  • Possibility to add I/O extra units
  • Connection to different accessories (e.g. printer, display, etc.)
  • Overcharge control system
  • Internal clock and date
  • Multilanguage
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