Super Data Mix

Software for data transfer from the weighing computer Advance USB, Advance Super USB, Vision, Graphic Super Memory , Graphic Super USB, to PC and viceversa through Memory Card or USB.

Thanks to experience gained with the softwares Data-Mix-Card and Super Data Mix 4, PTM is now able to offer even more in the field of animals feeding and management, by proposing the software Super Data Mix 5. Interfaced with the weighing computers Advance USB, Advance Super USB, Vision, Graphic Super Memory and Graphic Super USB, it allows to handle and programme several functions: from the possibility to manage single unload groups to the detailed re-elaboration of the costs of recipes and single components, from the opportunity to personalise the component stock to the calculation of food ration costs, from the calculation of the nutritive value of each single recipe and of the quantity of dried substance to load to the possibility to set out the loading operation according to weight or dried substance. Thanks to this software there is the chance to get a clear and reliable picture of the feeding of your animals without any waste of time. The information obtained regarding the productivity of animals can also be usefully taken into consideration when calculating each recipe.

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