Telerf Spanditore ADV Dribble

This system is used for the management of the hydraulic controls of operating machines.

This electronic allows to manage up to 28 outputs, 4 of which are controlled by relays and 14 inputs. The outputs can activate specific hydraulic valves with an amperage on single channel of Max 6A , for a total of 40A Max.

The system consists of a control unit mounted on the operating machine and a Graphic Handheld equipped with a color display and RF transmission; The Handheld has a custom keyboard that will control the hydraulic functions. The Hydraulic functions are able to open and close the sections of the spreader, activate the hydraulic motors and other related functions. Possibility to modify some inputs / outputs through certain settings of the Handheld. Possibility to require a dedicated software to manage specific hydraulic functions.
The housing of the Graphic Handheld is of acetalic resin, a material able to withstand UV rays, temperature changes and a wide range of chemicals including many solvents.

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