Remote control for operation management and automation

The remote terminal TELERF has been developed to satisfy the requirements of remote control and automation via wireless or cable transmission. It is possible to control any kind of system: electric, electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical, etc. This device allows to control the functions of different machines (e.g. straw-cutting machines, straw shredders, mixer wagons, seeders, round balers, tanks, cranes, platforms, etc.) by directly managing the contacts associated to a specific operation. For greater clarity of the operations in progress, all active controls are visualized on the alphanumeric LCD display. This device can manage up to 28 outputs, 4 of which of proportional type, and 4 relays, allowing to use both adjustable devices and on/off devices.

The TELERF is a particularly versatile device, as it can be used for different applications thanks to the infinite number of combinations and configurations available.

The wireless remote control allows to control machines from a distance of up to 50 meters; the remote control via cable, instead, is suggested for all the situations in which there are potentially dangerous moving mechanical parts.

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